The mission of Gloriana School of Arts is to encourage and train students who have strong personal interest in the arts to successfully pursue higher learning and a profession in an ever-changing world.  We will help students discover and develop their unique skills and talents through an intense arts training program (in their chosen field) with high standards that combines critical thinking and a whole-person developmental approach to learning.

Vision Statement:
Gloriana School of Arts aims to prepare students artistically and socially so that they leave the school as independent, cooperative, responsible and creative artists, with a lifelong interest and ability in learning and the arts. We believe that these skills and qualities will prepare our students to pursue their further artistic goals and allow them to contribute to the arts for the wellbeing of society as a whole.

Our vision includes the belief that:

  • A strong program unlocks and supports the artistic potential of our students.
  • The best discipline comes from a commitment to shared goals.
  • The performing and fine arts encourage each individual to work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.
  • Students learn best in a participative and creative environment placed within a firm framework of high standards in teaching and learning.

PLEASE NOTE: Gloriana requires all Students to sign a behaviour mission before enrolling in any classes which outlines all non-negotiable rules and regulations in relation to behaviour an attendance.


1 Grosvenor Street,
B4 7QD



t:  07523 287 279